Health Information Technician


Potential salary $53,000

Health Information Technician

A Health Information Technician organizes and manages health records and entry of patient data or health information for pharmaceutical companies and insurance firms. Technicians are in charge of and ensuring files are in order for companies, so they will need to have a keen eye for detail and accuracy, as well as strong computer skills.

They will understand the relevant computer software of the office /clinic/hospital they work in, to access and input data efficiently and correctly. They may also understand basic medical terms of the field they work in too. Having analytical skills and being extremely detail-oriented is helpful.

Most HIT’s will earn a certificate in medical technology (MT), which takes three to six months to complete, or they can go for a 2-year associate degree in medical technology or health information management as well as or instead of. By 2026, it is said that opportunities for medical records technicians are expected to rise by 13%.

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