Healthcare Administrator

Connector, Healer & Leader

Potential salary $110,000

Healthcare Administrator

With the expansion of technology, there is a growing need for healthcare administrators who can handle the massive amounts of data that gets stored in the facility. According to your preferences, you can work in a public or private hospital, nursing homes, clinics, etc. Their responsibilities are also to create employee schedules, hire new staff, budget, and make sure the company is running smoothly and efficiently. Healthcare administrators are connectors and healers that use their skills to make the process of giving and receiving care easier. Healthcare administrators must have strong leadership and organizational skills. They must also be good problem-solvers and have strong time-management abilities. Their responsibilities include, creating work schedules for all employees, keeping a record of medical and office supplies, and supervise daily operations. They also create budgets, and monitor expenses to minimize cost. They must also answer queries from doctors and nurses, train new employees, and ensure healthcare regulations are being followed. Healthcare administrators often hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration or another related field. Healthcare administrator positions are projected to grow 18% by 2028.

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