Human Rights Journalist

Contributor, Humanitarian & Analyzer

Potential salary $125,000

Human Rights Journalist

Human rights journalists report on human rights violations, especially against the victims of political violence. They are the contributors, analyzers and humanitarians at the forefront of the fight for human rights. Raising awareness is often the first step to ending rights abuses, as it gets people to start talking about the issues and demanding change.

Journalists who work in television and radio conduct interviews which are broadcast live or recorded for future broadcasts; those working in print media conduct interviews and write articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Multimedia journalists publish content on a variety of platforms, and typically record, report, write, and edit their own stories in addition to gathering the accompanying audio, video, or graphics.

Excellent written/verbal communication skills are an absolute must, as well as being reactive and able to work against deadlines. Networking and interpersonal skills are needed to conduct interviews and to develop relationships with experts and people who have information, leads or opinions on stories. Journalists may also need to maintain a strong social media presence to engage with their audiences, cover live events, and provide additional information and analysis.

Most media outlets prefer to hire journalists with a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications, but sometimes it’s possible to get a job with a degree in a relevant subject plus relevant work experience. The job outlook between 2018-28 is predicted to be at a 10% decline.

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