Industrial Engineering Technician

Organizer, Analyzer & Contributor

Potential salary $88,338

Industrial Engineering Technician

Industrial engineering technicians are the people responsible for creating efficient management systems for our factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. Much of their job revolves around finding ways to limit excess waste from various systems. They are organizers, analyzers, and contributors that tend to work in teams to achieve the most optimal outcome. They not only help in designing systems but also in determining the proper staffing for a project and providing equipment repairs or renovations.

Depending on the company they work for, industrial engineering technicians oversee processes and assembly lines to report solutions and areas of improvement. They can be found in healthcare, waste management, or even large-scale retailer environments. To become one, candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but a master’s degree is encouraged. Some companies might even require a secondary certification from the American Society for Quality ( The job market for this role is moderately competitive and is not expected to grow much between now and 2028.

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