Information Technology Lawyer

Analyzer, Innovator & Leader

Potential salary $300,000

Information Technology Lawyer

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing law fields. A new generation of lawyers is determining the legal framework for how digital information and intellectual property is handled, stored and owned in the age of the internet. One of the most popular destinations for these attorneys is on staff or retainer at tech companies. Lawyers in the Information Technology field help structure and negotiate license or purchase agreements for information technology or e-commerce resources a company needs to operate its business, both online and offline. These types of agreements can be software license agreements, software development agreements, software as a service and cloud computing agreements, computer equipment purchase agreements, OEM agreements, and data and content acquisition licenses. They also help structure and negotiate third-party services agreements needed to run a company’s IT infrastructure and operations. Examples of these types of agreements are hosting agreements, hardware and software support and maintenance agreements, systems integration agreements, consulting services agreements, and outsourcing agreements for a number of internal IT functions, including data center management, applications development and maintenance, desktop and device support, server management, and telecommunications.

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