Insurance Claims Adjuster

Analyzer, Connector & Contributor

Potential salary $68,500

Insurance Claims Adjuster

The insurance industry is a whole lot more than files and folders if you work as a claims adjuster. These professionals, usually employed by insurance companies but sometimes working as independent contractors, are in charge of deciding liability and monetary damages during insurance claims. Adjusters must be carefully observant of crime and accident scenes (and any resulting paperwork or documentation). Plus, they must be able to calm, navigate and hear out claimants who may be hurt or upset by the case at hand. Insurance claims adjusters are analyzers that examine information with a watchful eye and draw conclusions through interpreting the information. Insurance claims adjusters are detailed oriented, strong problem-solvers, and have effective time management skills. They also are good communicators, negotiators, and multitaskers. Their responsibilities include investigating property damages or injury, gathering information such as police reports, and preparing reports for the claim examiners. They also consult specialist like lawyers, engineers, and physicians, as well as assisting attorneys during legal disputes. Your career may begin by getting a bachelor’s degree to give yourself a leg up when applying for entry level positions. Job growth for claims adjusters is projected at 4% for the decade ending in 2028.

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