Live Sound Technician

Contributor, Leader & Organizer

Potential salary $83,000

Live Sound Technician

Concert sound is one of those things you never think about when it’s going well. And in that way, Live Sound Technicians are having their best days when the ship is running smoothly and no one is focused on the sound coming out of speaker systems. The job of a live sound technician is to oversee the audio production at live events, amplifying performances through sound. The settings may vary — arenas, amphitheaters, concert halls, courtyards — but these audio experts have to be on the ball when it comes to sound checks, the positioning of audio equipment, the live sound mix, and the responsiveness of the various tech bringing the show to life. Live sound technicians should be music and audio purists, while at the same time, knowing they must be flexible to meet the demands of artists, performance spaces, and any technical difficulties that may arise. Live sound technicians are Contributors and Analyzers that make it possible for people to share their art with others. Live sound technicians must be quick problem-solvers, very organized, and good communicators. They must also have a good amount of knowledge of sound equipment, as well as music and sound. Their responsibilities include set up and takedown of sound equipment, sound checks, and managing volume and audio during shows. They also record and edit sound and music, repair broken equipment, and collaborate with producers. Live sound technicians are typically required to have some sort of training such as in an Associate Degree related to Music. Job growth for sound technicians is projected at 8% for the decade ending in 2028.

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