Make-up Artist

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Makeup Artists are the people responsible for applying makeup and enhancing facial aesthetics for clients through the use of cosmetics. They are beauty practitioners with an artistic flair, strong attention to detail, and a knack for creative problem-solving. There is also a growing need for makeup artists that are versed in male grooming. Makeup artists are entrepreneurs, innovators, and entertainers because of their ability to flex through shifting environments and manage unique demands. They can work in a variety of industries with the proper training and their clients can range from actors to bridal parties. Some makeup artists can even create special effects or costume makeup, completely altering a person’s image to achieve a particular look.

Though there is no set educational path for aspiring makeup artists, there are many cosmetology schools that recognize this trade. Makeup artists also tend to be passionate and independent spirits, paving their own paths through mediums like YouTube vlogs or social media tutorials. This ingenuity allows them to work in most salons or even establish their own businesses. They are able to have control of their schedules and time, and are usually responsible for keeping track of their own supplies, expenses, and budget. It is necessary to be a good listener and communicator in order to establish frequent client relationships. Makeup artists work together with clients, and sometimes other crew members, to achieve a goal. They must also be considerate of the client’s skin tone, any preexisting conditions related to cosmetics, and use the tools available to enhance the client’s self-image. The job market for makeup artists tends to be moderately competitive and is expected to increase 8% by 2028. 

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