Market Research Analyst

Analyzer & Competitor

Potential salary $120,000

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts gather and interpret data on consumer demographics and market conditions to help companies market their products or services. They are analyzers and competitors who help clients determine potential markets, product demand, and pricing.

They collect consumer data through focus groups, interviews, and market analysis surveys, as well as research the competition’s price points, sales data, and marketing methods. They then analyze the data using statistical software and techniques. Market research analysts need to be able to translate complex data in ways that are easy for their clients to understand, so they often make charts, graphs and other visual aids to present the results of their research.

At minimum, market research analysts tend to have a bachelor’s degree in market research, marketing, statistics, business administration, communications or a related field; an MBA and professional certifications are usually necessary for more advanced positions. Jobs are projected to grow 18% by 2029.

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