Marketing Manager


Potential salary $121,000

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Marketing Manager

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Marketing Managers will develop strategies to ensure companies meet their sales objectives. They will conduct research, evaluate the products, and identify a target audience to determine the best way to then reach that audience. From there, the Marketing Managers work to increase the company’s profit by advertising and monitoring the products.

Managers will be strong communicators and have good leadership skills. They will be goal-oriented and creative thinkers that work well under pressure to organize and execute strategic projects in order to develop the business. A manager will be ensuring their team is motivated, organized and set up for success. The managers will oversee many media forms such as digital, print, social media, emails, PR, advertising, product placement, and more.

A prior degree in Marketing or Business is useful to gain access to this job, or previous marketing experience, but not always necessary as you can gain experience in marketing before becoming the Marketing Manager. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted faster than average job growth of 9% for marketing managers from 2014-2024.

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