Humanitarian & Leader

Potential salary $190,000


Mayors are the highest-ranking political figure in a town or city. A Mayor is in charge of the council and will have the power to recommend bylaws or even implement legislation passed by that council. They will preside at council meetings and act as head of the city of ceremonial purposes, a mayor will carry out many administrative tasks such are granting permits or licenses, all intending to run and improve a city.

Typically a Mayor will be business-minded and a natural-born leader, to tackle social issues. If you are keen to make a difference in your community and are interested in government and public policy then this job would be great for you. Having a background in public administration with management skills is important, and depending on how big your city is, most Mayors likely have further education from college and possibly even a Masters’s degree too.

If you can find the support of a political party or local community groups this will be helpful to get yourself elected with a positive campaign strategy. Further components to that strategy might include public speaking and advertising, as running to be voted as Mayor has likely fierce competition.

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