Mechanical Engineer

Connector & Innovator

Potential salary $131,000

Mechanical Engineer

Working in one of the most inclusive sub-genres of engineering, mechanical engineers design, test and operate complex machines and systems. Think anything from power production to modes of transport to large computerized systems. Mechanical engineers work for private companies as well as different levels of government. Mechanical engineers are innovators looking for new and creative ways to solve complex problems. Mechanical engineers must have strong technical skills, problem-solving ability, and the ability to work under pressure. They must also be creative, analytical, and able to work well with teams of people. Some of a mechanical engineer’s responsibilities include analyzing mechanical problems and identifying what is needed to solve the issue, designing and developing new mechanical equipment, and testing new and old mechanical products. They also oversee the manufacturing of mechanical products, write reports and documentation, as well as providing technical advice to companies and organizations. Entry level jobs for mechanical engineers require at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, while higher level positions usually require a master’s of applied science or engineering. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projected job growth for mechanical engineers at 4% for the decade ending in 2028, with the potential for a higher rate of growth for those specialized in mechanical engineering technology.

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