Medical Assistant

Healer, Analyzer & Organizer

Potential salary $51,970

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants provide administrative and operational assistance to other medical personnel. They are often the first people to greet hospital visitors¬† and may help getting a patient’s medical history. Medical assistants are healers with strong empathy for the people around them, as well as organizers and analyzers whose strong attention to detail helps maintain an updated and expansive record system.

Medical assistants are expected to cover tasks as needed, such as taking vitals, providing an extra hand to other personnel, and managing budget for the facility. They are calm under pressure and able to maintain a professional composure. They are also knowledgeable and must be well-versed in patient care terminology. To become a medical assistant, candidates should be certified in the courses and examinations required by the state they live in. Medical assistant roles are in high demand and will grow 23% by the year 2028.

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