Mobile App Designer

Creator & Innovator

Potential salary $157,000

Mobile App Designer

Mobile app designers plan, create, and develop new apps, including applications for news, games, books and more. They must also research and analyze app trends to see what the general public likes and dislikes. App designers are creators and innovators who come up with original ideas and content for others to use. They must be creative, analytical, and strong communicators, as well as be efficient problem-solvers, good team-players, and skilled with computers and mathematics. Their responsibilities include discussing client’s ideas and needs for their app, outlining app specifications with IT specialists, and developing prototypes according to specifications. They also write code for applications, perform unit and integration testing, and troubleshoot and correct product issues. App designers also evaluate current applications, as well as develop new features and updates for apps. App designers are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field. Job growth for software developers is projected to increase 21% throughout the decade ending in 2028.

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