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Motivational speakers give informative and inspirational speeches to large groups of people looking for advice and encouragement. They are hired by organizations like schools, government agencies or businesses to speak on topics such as achieving financial success, developing self-esteem, or living a healthy lifestyle, among many others. Motivational speakers are healers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about self-empowerment and improving the lives of others.

Motivational speakers must be excellent public speakers, charismatic leaders, and hustlers who are good at networking and marketing themselves.and charismatic. They must also have strong interpersonal skills and effective storytelling ability. A motivational speaker’s responsibilities include meeting clients to discuss speeches, researching topics, writing speech scripts, and delivering motivational speeches. They also interview people with inspirational life stories and speak on highly personal topics, such as how they overcame obstacles to become successful.

If not working a salaried job with an organization, motivational speakers are generally paid per engagement, traveling extensively and working irregular hours. Motivational speakers are not required to have a specific degree, although they are usually experts in their specific field. To increase their credibility and marketing appeal, many motivational speakers seek certification from organizations like the National Speakers Association to demonstrate their skills and experience. Job opportunities for motivational speakers depend on their marketability and target audience, but membership in the National Speakers Association has increased by 30% in the last decade, which indicates growth in the speaking profession – and according to a recent study by the American Society of Association Executives, nearly half of all seminars and three-fourths of all conventions hosted by associations include a profes­sional speaker as part of their scheduling.

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