Music Publicist

Connector & Organizer

Potential salary $75,000

Music Publicist

Music publicists are press agents who handle media and public relations on behalf of a musician or band. They are connectors and organizers who use their vast network of relationships and media contacts to maintain an artist’s desired public image.

These PR specialists write press releases and release statements to the media, help to market artists’ work by pitching stories and arranging interviews with press outlets, run social media accounts, and oversee the way communication is distributed to the public. They work with a musician’s booking agent, manager, and lawyer to spin issues, put out fires and manage crises ie: when they might say or do things that tarnish their image.

Music publicists need to be naturally social and outgoing, as well as experts at networking and written and verbal communication. They need to be super organized and strategic, keep a cool head under pressure, and be excellent problem solvers.

Getting a degree in public relations, communications, marketing, advertising, or journalism is a great way to start working in PR. Job growth for all public relations specialists is projected at 6% by 2028.

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