Music Publicist

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Potential salary $75,000

Music Publicist

Music publicists are essentially your ‘press’ agent. … When you’re signed to an independent label, depending on the size of the label and where they spend their budgets, they may have a full-time publicist in house, but they will more likely have a 3rd party publicity company representing some or all of their roster. Their main duty is to get lots of decent press coverage, so they will be naturally very organized and motivated.

They will be social and very communicative and have certain sales techniques to quickly create and foster relationships with journalists, tv products, locations and venues. Music publicists will manage the image of clients by pitching their clients to journalists and influencers, arranging interviews and press conferences, managing crises, developing media lists, and tracking media coverage.

They will have to liaise on a daily basis with many different types of people such as managers, artists, agents, records labels, journalists, bloggers, publishers, photographers and more. As well as this they might have to write press releases, create press kids, negotiate PR campaigns, be constantly ‘in the know’.

Knowing each of these industries or the tasks needed to create shows that the basis is very broad and there can be many ways into becoming involved with the all-encompassing role of a publicist. Working in journalism or communication is a great place to start as you move towards the more specific area of music. The projected growth for 2018-2028 is 6% for all public relations specialists.

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