National Park Ranger


Potential salary $185,000

National Park Ranger

National Park Rangers work hard to preserve, develop and operate the country’s beautiful open spaces. Best suited to an individual who is passionate about the environment and outdoors, with strong interpersonal skills to communicate and educate guests.

A Ranger will have an understanding of the delicate eco-system and be knowledgeable enough to guide, inform and patrol the space. A wide range of tasks are to be undertaken, whether it is administrative work and collecting/inputting data, or the physical maintenance of trail building or search and rescue missions.

A willingness to help is also a common trait in successful park rangers, from searching for a lost hiker to answering questions about the park itself.

Most park rangers work for the government and so they also have health care and pension plans on top of salary.  National Park Ranger was the 54th most popular U.S. Government job in 2016.

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