Nonprofit Director

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While most nonprofits thrive on the tireless work of staffers and volunteers, nonprofit directors are in charge of the big picture and, most importantly, the vitality of an organization that doesn’t exist to make money. Directors are in charge of the staff, programs and plans, and the fundraising health of their nonprofit. While many nonprofit directors are the founders of their own organization, at the highest level, gifted managers and organizers are hired from the outside to run operations. Nonprofit directors are humanitarians who are passionate about giving back to the community and who do this through their ability to organize and lead others. Nonprofit directors need to be strong leaders and communicators in order to effectively manage teams of volunteers or employees. They must also be organized and good at multitasking as they usually have to oversee a wide variety of tasks. Nonprofit director’s responsibilities include reaching out to potential donors, running donation campaigns or events, and drafting grant applications. They also create annual budgets and manage the organization’s bookkeeping. They also oversee and manage the staff of executive staff within the organization and assist with the organization’s marketing. You may begin your career by getting a bachelor’s degree in business administration to give you the skills to effectively run a nonprofit, as well as volunteering at organizations that interest you. Positions in the nonprofit sector are expected to increase by 3% over the decade ending in 2028.

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