Nursing Assistant

Healer, Humanitarian & Contributor

Potential salary $39,810

Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are medical personnel that help patients get through their daily routines and perform tasks that may be difficult for the patients’ physical conditions. Nursing assistants, sometimes also called nursing aides, care for patients under the supervision of a nurse. They are healers and humanitarians concerned with providing the best care to individuals and ensuring their wellbeing. They are also contributors that are responsible for day-to-day operations, monitoring and assessing each patient’s needs and using that information to contribute to their overall recovery.

Nursing assistants should be patient and compassionate spirits that can handle being on their feet for long hours attending to a wide range of needs. Nursing assistants can work in a variety of places such as hospitals, nursing homes, local clinics, schools, or even private practice. They communicate with multiple parties in a single day to provide the best patient care possible and make sure that service is timely.

While it is not a necessity for nursing assistants to attend medical school for a degree, it is often required that they study for nursing-related examinations and complete the state-specific certification courses for the role. This career also requires a great deal of on-site training, so prospective candidates should look into training opportunities offered by community colleges or medical trade schools. Jobs for nursing assistants are expected to grow 11% by 2026.

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