Operations Research Analyst

Analyzer, Organizer & Maker

Potential salary $11,000

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are experts that use mathematical analyses to make executive decisions and form policies that will optimize a company’s business model. They are analyzers, organizers, and makers that sift through large sets of data in order to understand the complex issues that affect a consumer base. They are decisive and able to organize their thoughts and findings into a clearer picture. Operations research analysts can often be found in military operations, supply chain management, tech, healthcare, or business companies. Some operations research analysts can even assist in humanitarian disaster relief projects by using their research to form logistical strategies (ie distribution of food and supplies during a crisis).

Roles for operations research analysts require a strong educational background in math or information technology (IT). Operations research analysts should also be tech-savvy and have quick computational skills. They usually work in large teams so an aptitude for teamwork is also encouraged. The market for this role is moderately demanding and will grow 30% by 2024.

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