Pharmacy Technician

Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $47,000

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists prepare prescription medications and handle customers. These contributors and organizers provide the support pharmacists need to do their jobs accurately, working together to ensure that patients receive the care they need. Because they interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis, from customers to doctors’ offices and insurance companies, strong interpersonal skills are a must. They also must have sharp attention to detail, being able to handle numbers and calculations with ease and precisely count and measure out prescription medication.

Becoming a pharmacy technician offers a lot of growth potential, as you can pursue a wide range of different career paths from pharmaceutical science to nuclear or compound pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy techs can also advance their pay and credentials by earning additional specialty certifications or continuing their education to become a licensed pharmacist. Jobs for pharmacy technicians are expected to increase by 7% by 2028, and salaries may also increase with that demand.

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