Product Developer

Creator, Innovator, Leader & Maker

Potential salary $126,000

Product Developer

A product developer combines several levels of skills including but not limited to design business, and engineering.

They work to either create a product entirely from scratch or improve on an existing design, which benefits a current customer or satisfies a new customer base – For example converting a landline phone into wireless handsets.

There are many areas that you might specialize in, from ‘cosmetics’ to ‘elevators’. Product Developers serve to increase a company’s profits by either creating more products or improving their current products, and they will ensure that all of them are safe and free of violations.

More than just making a product look cool, the Developer ensures it is functionality, safety, and legality, a developer would have traits such as idea generation, evaluation, market understanding, and development. They are practical thinkers, problem solvers and creatively minded with a desire to improve and better current products.

Through their work or developing, they will subsequently create new opportunities and bring growth to the business by enhancing the satisfaction levels of the customer. Product Developers through trial and error will turn an idea into reality.
In 2016, 39,700 people were employed in the U.S. as industrial designers.

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