Radio Personality

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From talk show hosts to sports announcers, radio personalities have the ability to capture an audience. They are entertainers and connectors who entertain us, make us think, and keep us informed.

Their duties may include topic research, script or show outline preparation, and researching and interviewing guests. At smaller stations, they may be more involved in the technical aspects of show production; personalities at larger stations may have to make promotional appearances or broadcast live from events. Regardless of the audience size, radio personalities all need to have excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills, be creative and comfortable on the mic, and knowledgeable in their particular field.

Depending on the market and scale of the station, some employers may want candidates with a degree in communications, journalism, or broadcasting. More importantly, on-air personalities need strong on-air skills and broadcast experience, which can be fulfilled through internships and entry-level positions. Jobs for radio personalities are expected to grow 1% by 2029.

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