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Record Producer

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Until you “make it big,” working in the music industry means long hours and little pay. Record producers are known to put in 20 hour days, and some projects even take months to finish. You will need technical proficiency in recording programs such as Logic or Protools, as well as a basic understanding of several instruments. Having a strong network of connections is also important for gaining new clients. Record producers are creators that use their skills to bring new music and content to the public. Producers must be passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. They also need to be creative, detail-oriented, as well as have sufficient musical knowledge and ability. Music Producer responsibilities include scheduling studio/recording sessions, negotiating costs and funding, and collaborating with musicians. They also create beats that match musicians’ expectations, assist sound engineers with or oversee the mixing and recording, as well as overseeing the budget in some cases. There is no required education to become a music producer although a degree related to music or business can be extremely helpful when it comes to more competitive positions. Job growth for record producers is expected to grow 8% over the decade 2018-2028.

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