Recreational Sports Rental Shop Owner

Entrepreneur, Thrill Seeker & Leader

Potential salary $300,000

Recreational Sports Rental Shop Owner

From kayak and surfboard rentals along the beach to ski and snowboard rentals on a mountain top, sports rental shops are a necessity wherever people do recreational sports. Recreational sports rental shop owners manage and oversee all rentals, tours, and retail operations for a sports rental shop. They are entrepreneurs, leaders and thrill seekers who love sports and want to share their passion with others.

Sports shop owners must be organized, problem-solvers, and effective managers. They must also have strong customer service skills, business and financial knowledge, and marketing ability. Their responsibilities include buying or ordering equipment, assisting customers, and managing financials. They also direct staff and oversee the hiring process, inventory, and marketing.

Business owners work for themselves so there aren’t any specific education requirements, although a degree in business administration can be beneficial in handling the financials of starting and running a business. Recreational sports rental shop owners will see a slight increase in opportunities throughout the decade.

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