Secondary School Teacher

Educator, Leader & Connector

Potential salary $99,660

Secondary School Teacher

Secondary school teachers, also known as high school teachers, are responsible for teaching students between ninth and twelfth grade. They create lesson plans and curricula that develop learning in a variety of ways. They are educators, leaders, and connectors that work with students of different levels to achieve goals and grasp unique materials. They are role models that can effect change in their communities through parent-teacher meetings, sponsoring a club, or leading an extracurricular activity. Most secondary school teachers specialize in a specific subject, but some are qualified to teach more than one.

All states require that secondary school teachers have a bachelor’s degree in education or in their chosen field. Some states will even require a postsecondary certification and a record of hours spent in training programs. Jobs for this role are expected to grow 4% by 2028.

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