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A professional skateboarder gets paid to do just that: skateboard. It goes without saying that these competitors, entertainers and thrill seekers have to be both good at skateboarding and also passionate enough to want to turn it into a career. In addition to physical dexterity, quick reflexes, and dedication, professional skateboarders need to be good at hustling, networking, and business-minded. It’s extremely important for skateboarders to build a fan base in order to get sponsorships from skate brands, so social media skills are a huge plus.

As of 2020, skateboarding is included in the Olympic Games and has become even more mainstream. Skateboarders are action sports athletes and can choose from several different styles such as ’street’, ‘vert’ or ‘park’. Skateboarders can also join a skateboarding “team,” which is a group of pro and pro-amateur skaters who are paid to travel and do skate demos, as well as film skate videos.

Practice, practice, practice is the name of the game for a skateboarder. If you do manage to get good enough to become pro, then set your sights on skaters like Tony Hawk!

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