Sky Diving Instructor

Explorer, Thrill Seeker & Educator

Potential salary $60,000

Sky Diving Instructor

it doesn’t get much more fitting than this for thrill and g-forced junkies. Sky diving instructors guide people who are seeking the ultimate adrenaline experience on both the flying side of things and through the parachute deployment. While traditional education isn’t a requirement here, plenty of specialized training is obviously in order. Sky diving teachers must be appropriately license and trained in order to help civilians safely enjoy their jumps. Instructors might also administer quizzes to more experienced jumpers looking to earn the license that will allow them to pack their own parachutes and jump unsupervised. Skydiving instructor jobs tend to be seasonal or part-time. And while instructors can be hired as salaried employees, they’re generally paid for each class they supervise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that self enrichment education teachers, such as skydiving instructors, could expect a much faster than average job growth from 2018-2028, a 12% rate

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