Social Media Influencer

Connector, Entertainer & Entrepreneur

Potential salary $250,000

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers use social media to share their knowledge in a particular field to help influence the ideas and desires of others. They can be celebrities, gamers, makeup gurus, and more, depending on their passion and niche. They work with brands and create partnerships that bring attention to products, causes, and events.

They are connectors, entertainers, and entrepreneurs that monetize their time on the Internet by working their connections and creating relatable, engaging content. They usually use mediums like Instagram, YouTube and blogs, but can be found anywhere and everywhere thanks to the digital cloud.

Salary varies due to the rise of this career being relatively new, but also because each influencer makes individual agreements regarding pay and it can vary greatly depending on their reach. Those with millions of followers can reap huge earnings, but micro-influencers – with followers in the tens of thousands – tend to have extremely high audience engagement, and therefore can be just as valuable to brands. Jobs for this role are very competitive and are expected to grow moderately (about 6% by 2028) as technology continues to grow.

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