Solar Analyst

Analyzer, Explorer & Leader

Potential salary $130,000

Solar Analyst

Solar Analysts are in charge of analyzing the success of all solar project developments. This includes researching and collecting data on a number of solar projects. They also oversee the management of the implementation of these projects. As an Analyzer, they are able to sift through mass amounts of data quickly to identify issues or areas for potential improvement. Solar analysts must be strong communicators and problem-solvers. They must also be analytical, detail-oriented, and have strong interpersonal skills. A Solar Analyst’s main responsibilities include collecting data from solar power systems, analyzing the collected data, and proposing solutions to better the performance of solar systems. They also interact with clients when working on projects, design regulatory policy and procedure for solar energy systems, and conduct investigations in response to customer inquiries. Solar Analysts are often required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering in order to gain an entry position job. Careers in solar energy are expected to grow considerably over the next decade.

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