Solar Power Technician

Contributor & Analyzer

Potential salary $83,000

Solar Power Technician

Solar power technicians install, maintain, operate and test equipment and energy systems that use solar energy. Sometimes called solar photovoltaic installers, they are contributers and analyzers whose work makes the world a cleaner, more efficient place.

These technicians should be prepared to adapt to the rapidly evolving world of solar energy manufacturing. They must be analytical, knowledgeable, and strong problem-solvers, as well as detail-oriented, good communicators, and physically fit. Their responsibilities include planning solar panel configurations, ensuring solar panels are connected to the electricity grid properly, and ensuring all building codes and standards are followed. Solar technicians also perform routine maintenance on solar panel systems, apply weather sealant to solar panels, and wire systems that they install.

Solar power technicians are often required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, and in some cases an associate’s degree. Many are experienced construction trade workers who have completed an apprenticeship program or received special training in solar energy technology from trade associations, vocational schools or community colleges. Available positions for solar power technicians and installers is projected to increase 63% by 2028.

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