Connector, Contributor & Explorer

Potential salary $150,000


Becoming a master sommelier takes much more than sipping and smelling wine on the weekends. It takes years of studying and a deep, thorough knowledge of all things wine-related. There are only 236 master sommeliers in the world and a mere 149 in the United States. You’re most likely to find sommeliers on staff at fine restaurants, advising and informing customers on the wine list. Sommeliers are connectors and contributors that work to ensure the best possible experience for others. They are also explorers, visiting vineyards around the world and always trying new things that they can bring to their workplace. Sommeliers usually take part in creating wine lists to pair with a restaurant’s menu. They also provide wine suggestions for guests based on their knowledge of wines, as well as training waitstaff on the available wines. Getting into the restaurant industry and learning about wines can kickstart your career, although sommeliers will need to complete a sommelier certificate or degree depending on your location. Sommelier is a very niche role within the limited fine dining industry, so job growth will likely be below average.

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