Sonic Healer

Healer & Humanitarian

Potential salary $228,000

Sonic Healer

Sonic Healers use sound waves, frequency, and vibration to treat human health conditions and diseases. The frequencies of vibration and neural-emotional stimulation trigger sonic healing by means of sensory immersion in sound. For this job, you will be combining both primitive (Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century ) and also modern-day techniques.

Currently taking the medical world by storm, practitioners use toning, chanting or vibrations from the voice or instruments which will stimulate self-healing for their clients. Sonic Healers can offer their services to reduce pain or to relax people, the overall goal is to help others achieve better health and wellness.

They must have a desire to work closely with others and be looking to help them on physical, psychological and emotional levels. There are elements of spirituality and consciousness intertwined with this line of work and also aspects of therapy and counseling.

Also known as recreational therapists the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ music and sound healing professionals can anticipate a seven percent increase in employment through 2026.

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