Competitor, Organizer & Leader

Potential salary $200,000


Streetballers are athletes that play streetball, an improvised form of basketball. They are natural competitors, organizers, and leaders that can demonstrate both ferocity on the court and good sportsmanship off of it.

Because streetball is an immersive sport, players are very involved in rule-keeping and need to be able to call fouls not just on others but on themselves as well. They also tend to coordinate their own games and schedules. Many streetballers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and may not always meet the physical standards held by professional teams, but always have the same love of the sport. They usually help build youth programs and clinics on the local level, inspiring the next generation to play the game too.

There are no official educational requirements to become a streetballer, but it is encouraged to have at least a high school diploma or GED. It is recommended to join leagues regularly and take on a leadership role within the league if you want to continue growing your career. Salary depends on the athlete’s individual contracts but the average annual wage is around $51,370. This role is popular and is expected to grow 4-6% by 2028.

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