Stunt Coordinator

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Stunt coordinators carefully plan and rehearse stunts for film and television studios or production companies. From riding a horse through a pasture to fighting on the top of a building, they choreograph and plan it all. This can be an exhilarating but dangerous job, perfect for thrill seekers. Stunt Coordinators are thrill seekers and innovators that find new and exciting ways to bring scenes to life. Stunt Coordinators are outgoing, problem-solvers, and works well in stressful situations. They are responsible for choreographing stunt routines in safe but convincing ways, and train the stunt performers to perform the scene. Stunt coordinators also collaborate with staff on set as well as consulting other stunt coordinators to get advice or a second opinion on the stunts that are being planned. They are also involved in casting the stunt performers. It is not necessary for stunt coordinators to have a degree to get into the industry. Many Stunt coordinators begin by learning specific skills such as martial arts, racing, or trampoline for example. You may also begin your career as a stunt performer. Little growth is projected for this career.

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