Surfing Instructor

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Nobody surfs that big water without some kind of instruction, whether from friends, mentors, or teachers. If you want to go the more formal route, surf instructors are plentiful up and down the coasts of California, Florida, or in any tropical to temperate part of the country that touches ocean.

As with a lot of freelance teaching, the obstacles to success are less “how do I become a teacher” and more “how do I become a successful one?” If you know how to surf, you can declare yourself an instructor today, but attaining some credentials and joining with companies that have good reputations and infrastructures seal the deal. Also, consider your personal attributes; do you have a teaching mentality? Do you have the attitude and discipline to help young people have fun and develop at the same time? When you say, “that’s OK; just get back on the board,” you want students to believe you.

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