Surfing Instructor

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Nobody starts surfing the ocean without some kind of instruction, whether from friends, mentors, or teachers. If you want to go the more formal route, surf instructors are plentiful up and down the coasts of California, Florida, or in any tropical-to-temperate part of the country that touches the ocean. Surfing instructors are thrill seekers and educators that not only love that feeling of catching the perfect wave, but helping others experience that feeling as well.

Surfing instructors must be adaptable, patient, and observant. They must also have strong interpersonal skills and be excellent communicators. A surf instructor’s responsibilities include helping customers with their equipment, informing customers on potential hazards, and demonstrating proper surfing techniques. They also monitor weather and ocean conditions, organize and document paperwork, and clean-up beach areas and equipment.

A degree isn’t required to work as a surfing instructor, but they need to have completed surf coaching and lifeguarding certifications. Job growth for recreational workers is projected to increase 8% by 2028.

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