Sustainable Construction Manager

Creator & Innovator

Potential salary $110,000

Sustainable Construction Manager

Construction is an ever-changing field that requires sustainable construction managers to constantly adapt and find new solutions to problems. This career revolves around diminishing the negative impact we have on the earth and promoting eco-friendly buildings and lives.

These managers oversee construction projects to ensure they are working efficiently while also keeping under budget and satisfying clients’ wants. They are responsible for adhering to or developing policies and initiatives that emphasize the proper use of environmental resources. In doing so they focus on sustaining resources for future generations to come. When constructing they have three main areas to consider: people, planet, and profits.

Typically working for corporations or government agencies, such as a municipal government a Manager will oversee a project from conception to finish and lead their team on the build, including sourcing materials, budgeting, scheduling and managing safety procedures and protocols in ways that minimize the impact of the project on the environment. Job outlook, U.S. (2016 to 2026) shows there is an 11% projected growth between 2016-2026 which is faster than average.

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