Tour Photographer

Creator, Thrill Seeker & Connector

Potential salary $74,000

Tour Photographer

Tour photographers capture the unforgettable moments at shows, concerts, and other performance venues. They are creators, thrill-seekers and connectors that are always where the excitement is. They have a passion for creativity and are skilled behind a camera lens. They are able to take stunning images that exude an energy that makes you feel like you were right there with them.

On the job, they can be seen coordinating with other crew members such as stagehands, stylists, showrunners, or volunteers to make sure they get the perfect shot.  They usually make their own schedules and edit their own photos as well, and are always working on-the-go. Most tour photographers get their start simply by networking with people in the industry and by hustling, taking photos of their favorite artists from the pit. Others work for agencies or are put on by their community. 

Many people who become tour photographers have at least a high school diploma or GED, but some might have a bachelor’s degree in photography, design, or a related field. Jobs for this role are expected to decline 6% by 2028.

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