Urban Designer

Contributor & Humanitarian

Potential salary $79,000

Urban Designer

Too often when we think of urban designers and city planners, we think of people drawing up plans for a booming new metropolis. But think about that for a second. No one is designing cities from scratch; on the contrary, urban designers are some of the most important problem solvers in our society. When a city is low on public recycling bins, when its public transit is failing, when it’s sprawling dozens of miles into the suburbs and people are having trouble navigating their commutes, that’s when urban designers get called in. As you can see from that list of examples, these designers work in a macro and micro sense. With a job that’s part-architecture and part-civic engagement, urban designers help make cities the thriving and communal locales we imagine in our dreams. Urban designers are contributors and humanitarians that use their knowledge to make the world a more creative, friendly, and functional place for all. Urban designers must be observant, analytical, and creative when tackling a project in order to design the best solutions for the city. They must also be skilled in sketching and design in order to present their ideas to others. Some of an Urban Designers duties include planning and designing urban settings such as buildings, parks, and public transportation. They also create maps and other graphical representations of information on the environment, as well as maintaining and inspecting public utilities. Urban designers also often collaborate with various specialists to solve problems within the city or to improve upon future plans. Urban Designers are required to have a bachelor’s degree, but it is recommended that they also obtain a masters degree in Urban planning. Job growth for urban planners is projected at 11% for the decade ending in 2028 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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