Urban Farming Consultant

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The world of urban agriculture is sprouting up all around the world. High rises in Southeast Asia are ironically full of crops, and American urban centers like Detroit are investing in urban farming in the wake of industrial hardships this century. The reasons? As cities increasingly comprise the world’s majority population, questions of ethical food production are on the rise whether they relate to animal rights, climate change, or monopolization of the food industry by a scant few conglomerates. Urban farming consultants help advise businesses and individuals who want to participate in sustainable farming practices on their property. They may be teaching urbanites how to stick their hands back in the dirt, but there’s also a high degree of technological and engineering know-how involved when we’re talking about how to effectively farm from an apartment garden bed or the vacant floor of an office building. Urban Farming Consultants are contributors and makers that are dedicated to bettering their corner of the world through bringing nature into other environments. Urban Farming consultants should have sufficient scientific knowledge such as biology or botany that will help in understanding and maximizing vegetation growth in a limited space. They must also be analytical interpreting data from urban farms, as well as complex problem solving ability. Urban Farming consultants responsibilities include, assessing and preparing project plans for specific locations, advising what types of plants would be appropriate to grow in that environment, collect and examine samples from urban farms and gardens. They are also responsible for the farm or garden upkeep in some cases. Urban Farming Consultants need a solid amount of technical knowledge so many hold a bachelor’s degree of Science. Jobs in this industry have projected to have average growth over the next decade.

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