Venture Capitalist

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Venture capitalists help develop and invest in startup ventures and small companies. They must do extensive research on markets, brands, and products in order to determine the value of an emerging company. Venture capitalists are entrepreneurs who look for new and innovative ideas, while helping bring new businesses to the public. Venture Capitalist need to be strategic thinkers with a passion for helping new business come to life. They must also have networking skills and the ability to curate and maintain strong relationships with business partners. Venture Capitalist are responsible for researching and connecting with new companies that may be a potential partner, and they present prospective deals to the firm’s partners. They also support the aspects of a deal by performing due diligence on the company, reviewing company records, financial statements, and interviewing employees. It is the venture capitalist job to prove whether a company is worth investing in. In most cases, Venture Capitalists require a Master’s Degree in Business. Job growth in this sector is projected at 6% for the decade ending in 2028.

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