Vice President of Finance

Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $200,000

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Vice President of Finance

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At companies large enough to have this position, VPs of finance are at the top of the heap for all things finance and accounting-related. They direct financing strategies, analysis and budget management at their firms. They oversee all facets of accounting operations, including payroll and financial reporting. As well as being contributors who help companies’ CEOs, CFO, and others improve the company, VPs of Finance are also leaders that often oversee the financial and accounting staff within a company VPs of Finance need to be able to solve problems by analyzing companies’ financials with a strategic mindset. They also plan budgets, make investment decisions, and in some cases act as a liaison between the company and auditors. VPs of Finance normally have a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) as well as previous experience in managerial accounting and/or financial management Although jobs in the financial sector are expected to have high growth in the next decade, limited growth is expected for this position.

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