Video Editor

Creator, Maker, Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $91,000

Video Editor

Video editors splice together raw video and audio footage to tell a story or present a viewpoint. They are creators, makers, contributors and organizers who work with directors and cinematographers to create the films, TV shows, and music videos we all enjoy.

Working according to scripts or instructions from directors and producers, video editors choose the best shots from raw footage and assemble them into sequences that form a coherent whole. They trim and splice film, correct color and contrast, and add in music, dialogue, and sound effects in post-production. They need to be collaborative and have sound artistic judgment, as well as an in-depth knowledge of various video editing software.

Video editors typically either work freelance or for movie studios and video production companies, mostly in the film hubs of Los Angeles and New York. A formal education isn’t required, but many have a bachelor’s degree in film studies, experience from an apprenticeship, or both. Jobs for video editors are extremely competitive, but are expected to grow much faster than average – 18% by 2029 – due to the increasing popularity of streaming services and the demand for shows produced for these platforms.

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