Visual Effects Artist

Creator, Innovator & Maker

Potential salary $134,000

Visual Effects Artist

Visual effects artists are in charge of planning and creating the animations and other special effects we watch on TV and movies. They master and utilize special software and programming to make these animations. Visual effects is a growing industry in Hollywood because of the increased amount of digital work in movies and television shows.

The programs they use work with both two and three dimensions and so they can animate designs using computer-generated technology for mechanical and optical effects. Working often time under pressure and to deadlines, the VEA is skilled in their craft. VEA’s are creative and innovative thinkers with an artistic flair and passion for design and creation; they can work both independently and part of a larger team. Having a bachelor in either animation, computer graphics or graphic design is very helpful to understand basic design concepts if you wish to pursue this as a career.

There’s an increasing demand for realistic effects in video games and movies and may work in industries such as movie studios, TV networks, or video game manufacturers. Between 2018 and 2028 there is a projected job growth of 4% for all multimedia artists and animators.


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