Wardrobe Stylist

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Wardrobe Stylists are fashion consultants that pick clothing suited towards a client’s shape and size, enhancing their style and overall look. They ensure that clients look their best at any event, be it a business meeting, press appearance, music video, or date. Wardrobe stylists can also work with a client to downsize or upgrade their closets depending on the individual’s needs. They are entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors that understand all the moving parts necessary to achieve a grand vision.

Wardrobe Stylists are always up-to-date on the latest fashion, and some are even setting the trends themselves. They are passionate and quick-thinking individuals who must work well under pressure to meet the demands of various parties. They often collaborate with designers, tailors, retailers, photographers, hair and makeup artists to get clients closer to their goals. Wardrobe stylists are confident decision-makers and the epitome of putting your best foot forward. Aspiring stylists should have at the minimum an associate’s degree but are encouraged to further their studies in fashion merchandising. Since wardrobe stylists must also have a diverse portfolio of work, internships or apprenticeships at fashion brands or editorial companies can help build that experience. Jobs as a wardrobe stylist are highly competitive and expected to grow 1% by 2028.

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