Wedding Photographer


Potential salary $203,000

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers are in charge of documenting before, during, and after weddings. In addition to taking candid pictures, the photographers must compose and set up certain photo shoots to illustrate their client’s special day. Some photographers also digitally edit and enhance the pictures before creating special montages and albums. Wedding Photographers are creators that use their art to capture some of life’s most important events. Wedding photographers are creative and detail-oriented ensuring that they meet and go beyond customers expectations. They should also be knowledgeable about camera equipment, editing equipment, and the photography market. Their duties include meeting with clients, discussing potential photo ideas and more. They also must take the photographs while directing those in the photo. Wedding Photographers also edit the photographs from the wedding and compile galleries or albums. Since a majority of wedding photographers are self-employed they must also market their business to others. Many wedding photographers do not have a degree, but some may hold a bachelor’s of arts such as in photography. Jobs for photographers are expected to decrease 6% over the next decade ending in 2028.

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