Wind Energy Technician

Maker & Thrill Seeker

Potential salary $56,000

Wind Energy Technician

Also known as a wind turbine service technician, these skilled workers climb wind turbines to repair and maintain them by replacing broken or malfunctioning parts. In order to do this, they’ll look at mechanical, hydraulic and electrical issues or malfunctions in order to repair on site. These thrill seekers and makers should be adventurous, able-bodied and detail-oriented.  In order to service the tower and turbine, wind energy technicians need to have a good understanding of mechanics and engineering in regards to these structures and the specific machines they are operating. Troubleshooting problems on site means having a keen eye for detail and knowing how to use the necessary tools and equipment effectively. They may also be required to collect data from the turbine to be used for research purposes.

This can be a dangerous job, working outside in all weather with large moving machinery and parts. Therefore wind energy technicians are usually well paid. With many plans for wind farms to expand from land out to sea, there will be more growth in this industry for environmentally friendly power sources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics outlook predicts this job to grow much faster than average, at a 57% rate by 2028.

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