Yoga Instructor

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Are you good enough on your yoga mat that you feel ready to share your passion with others? After catching on like wildfire in the ’90s, yoga is now a staple of most American gyms, health clubs, and movement studios. Skilled teachers are always in demand.

As with a lot of fitness instruction positions, you can become a teacher relatively easily (get hired somewhere), but becoming a good instructor takes time and discipline. Depending on the quality of the studio or gym, various certifications may become necessary. Organizations like the Yoga Alliance offer accreditations for teachers looking to work at more prestigious studios.

Remember yoga is an art as much as it is a mode of fitness. That means you need to be prepared to talk to people about how their bodies are moving in empathetic, constructive ways. Motivation is important, but this is not a cross-fit bootcamp we’re talking about. Any good yoga teacher will have an understanding of the spiritual practice behind the motions as well. Patience and passion are at the root of all yoga.

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