Yoga Instructor

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Are you good enough on your yoga mat that you feel ready to share your passion with others? After catching on like wildfire in the ’90s, yoga is now a staple of most American gyms, health clubs, and movement studios.

Mindfulness and passion are at the root of all yoga. Yoga instructors are leaders, educators and healers that lead groups through poses to promote and improve health and wellness. They must be strong communicators, empathetic, and patient. They must also be encouraging, knowledgeable, and disciplined. Their main responsibilities include planning out and leading yoga classes and demonstrating positions. Yoga instructors also assess student’s abilities, assist students in completing poses, and offer recommendations to students to deepen their practice.┬áMotivation is important, but this is not a cross-fit boot camp we’re talking about. Any good yoga teacher will have an understanding and respect for the spiritual practices, history and culture behind the motions as well.

Yoga instructors are not expected to hold a specific degree, although they are required to complete various certification courses. Skilled teachers are always in demand, and jobs for fitness trainers or instructors are projected to increase 13% over the decade ending in 2028.



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