YouTubers create content for viewers to learn from, laugh with, and enjoy. They are creators, entertainers and entrepreneurs that thrive on a passion for life and often begin their channels independently.

They have fundamental video production and editing knowledge and enjoy visually sharing what they know and experience. They are active on social media, know how to market themselves, and also interact often with people in the comments section. They use content as a means to connect to the world around them. Depending on the type of content they make, whether its vlogs on travel or makeup tutorials or gameplay walkthroughs, YouTubers are the experts we turn to when we want someone to communicate ideas in a relatable manner.

There aren’t any educational requirements to become a YouTuber but most are experts in their chosen niche. To become a sponsored partner, a YouTuber must usually have at least 10000 subscribers. Salaries often depend on individual contracts and the number of views their videos get. On average, a YouTuber can make anywhere between $0.35 to $5 per view. Jobs for this role are projected to grow about 4% by 2028.

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