Contributor, Explorer & Educator

Potential salary $74,322


Zookeepers are in charge of feeding, bathing and monitoring the health of all of the amazing creatures at the zoo. They are contributors, explorers and educators that work to ensure the well-being of both animals and zoo visitors.

Zookeepers must be hardworking, passionate, and patient to successfully work with animals. They become familiar with many types of animals and learn how to cater to their specific needs. Their many responsibilities include feeding and grooming the animals, as well as training them. They look for irregular behavior and report any abnormalities to veterinarians. They are also in charge of cleaning the animal enclosures and educating visitors on the animals.

A bachelor’s degree in one of the life sciences – like biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, wildlife biology, and zoology – is generally required in order to get a position as a zookeeper. Jobs for zookeepers are projected to grow 16% by 2028.

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